Transforming In-Building Wireless Connectivity

We bridge the gap between enterprise venues and carriers to grow, adapt, and be on the cutting-edge of technological advancement.

The 4th Utility

Making Next-Gen Wireless Networks Accessible for Vital Industries

Just as our society relies on utilities like water, gas and electricity, our modern, digital lifestyles now depend on the new opportunities made possible by technologies like 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT). SVP’s cost-effective, long-term solution enables building owners to obtain vital wireless connectivity as any other utility – the “4th Utility” – rather than making significant capital expenditures that set them back.

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Technologies We Support

SVP transforms wireless connectivity by partnering directly with venues to develop, install, own and operate bespoke, future-proofed in-building wireless systems utilizing the following technology solutions:

Distributed Antenna Systems

The forefront of our wireless revolution, enabling reliable and high-performance wireless services, including 5G-enabled systems, for critical industry sectors.

Public Safety Systems

A growing necessity for building compliance in many jurisdictions and a critical lifeline providing peace of mind during times of crisis.


Offers an auxiliary solution to the escalating demand for wireless connectivity while Private LTE provides greater network security.


An indispensable technology for front-line industries, offering accurate and dynamic tracking of assets, people and resources.

Fiber Assets

Fiber assets are the cornerstone of modern connectivity, meeting the demand for reliable, high-speed data transmission.

Wi-Fi Solutions

An essential technology for industries seeking to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences.


Emerging as a transformative technology in today’s interconnected world, revolutionizing how we access & consume television content.

Wireless Connectivity-as-a-Service

How SVP’s Model Works

We partner with venues to design, develop, install, own, operate and upgrade bespoke in-building wireless systems, utilizing the latest technologies.

SVP’s unique and long-term approach to developing critical infrastructure reduces the connectivity and financial burden for enterprise businesses by meeting existing needs, while also planning for future technological changes and developments through a utility-based model.

Our extensive relationships with industry partners and coveted master agreements with top-tier carriers provides the peace of mind that organizations are suited with the right partners from the start.

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Venues We Serve

SVP partners with leading enterprises in healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, higher education, class-A commercial real estate, manufacturing and mass transit, among other vital industries by solving connectivity problems with agile, carrier-preferred and forward-thinking wireless solutions.

Learn more about how SVP assists with customized in-building wireless solutions for the following industries:


Connecting every corner of a hospital, from the ER to subterranean levels and parking garages. 


Outfitting hotels, resorts and casinos with the wireless infrastructure guests demand today.


Ensuring uninterrupted coverage and providing memorable experiences for visitors, shoppers and fans alike.


Meeting network demands with rising smartphone & connected devices reliance for students & staff campus-wide.

Class-A Real Estate

Offering comprehensive wireless coverage for office spaces, industrial parks and mixed-use commercial developments.


From shop floors to supply chain management areas, enjoy wireless coverage where it’s needed for machinery, devices and personnel. 

Mass Transit

Providing seamless wireless coverage for travelers and mass transit employees through every portion of a transit network. 

The SVP Story

Our Vision

SVP was founded to bring together leading wireless carriers with the world’s most vital industries to ignite newfound technological futures by providing them with the building blocks of network innovation.

Our team of experienced industry veterans have long envisioned a world where enterprises can grow, adapt and innovate to craft tailored, cutting-edge bespoke wireless solutions designed to empower digital transformation.

The svp difference

Harness the power of SVP’s first-of-its-kind wireless 4th utility model

Your enterprise’s digital transformation will be empowered with vital wireless infrastructure that never becomes obsolete.

Most importantly, we are there for you every step of the way on your in-building wireless connectivity journey, from design to implementation and ongoing maintenance and upgrades. That’s the SVP Difference.

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