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Offering a CBRS Critical Solution

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) offers a critical solution to the escalating demand for wireless connectivity and greater network security by creating private LTE Network solutions. CBRS leverages shared spectrum to expand broadband access, enabling various industries to deploy private and secure wireless networks that redistribute traffic off heavily-used Wi-Fi systems, all while ensuring a secure connection.

Creating these networks requires decades of engineering and consulting experience to select the right equipment as well as proper installation and ongoing maintenance – resources that many businesses don’t have. Overcoming potential signal interference, managing network congestion, selecting the proper CBRS MHz band, addressing coverage gaps and developing a unique private LTE solution are critical hurdles. These challenges can be overcome with the help of SVP experts who consult, build, manage and oversee your private LTE network solution from start to finish.

What is Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)?

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) is a band of radio frequency spectra from 3.5GHz to 3.7 GHz that is exclusive to the United States for three specific types of users that include:

Tier 1 Incumbent Users

The U.S. Navy’s radar and satellite systems have first priority

Tier 2 Priority Access Licensees

Enterprises, hospitals, universities and factories purchase FCC licenses

Tier 3 General Authorized Access

Unlicensed users that have access on a first come, first serve basis

Citizens Broadband Radio Service

How does it work?

Do you know the standards, licensing details and protocols used to communicate with devices for Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) Band 48, which contains a total of 150 MHz of spectrum ranging from 3.55 to 3.7 GHz? There are also certification programs created to formulate standards for installing the correct CBRS deployments that follow guidelines, as well as maintaining proper communication with the FCC database for proper operation.

It helps to know that each CBRS domain features:

Utilizing Citizens Broadband Radio Service Devices (CBSDs)

Any component supporting an antenna array or CBRS antenna is known as a Citizens Broadband Radio Service Device (CBSDs), which are registered with a Spectrum Access System and are able to request spectrum grants.

The CBSD and SAS communicate through Hypertext Transfer Protocol Service (HTTPS), creating secure communication with each message encoded through JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). The CBSD also identifies:

Citizens Broadband Radio in Healthcare

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) holds crucial significance for the healthcare industry by creating important private mobile network connectivity throughout hospitals and medical facilities. CBRS enables these institutions to establish reliable and private wireless networks, ensuring constant communication, efficient data sharing, safe and secure smartphone app use among staff, and secure patient records and billing records.

Medical equipment such as insulin pumps, defibrillators, crash carts and surgery equipment that require 5G-enabled constant connectivity access also rely on secure CBRS systems.

Citizens Broadband Radio in Hospitality

CBRS plays a pivotal role in guest experiences and operational efficiency for the hospitality and entertainment industries, allowing for network segmentation for backstage operations and the reservation of Wi-Fi for guest services. CBRS also enables resorts and entertainment venues to deploy private wireless networks that cater to guests’ individualized connectivity needs.

This technology also supports interactive entertainment experiences, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications, enhancing guest engagement and hospitality experience immersion. CBRS also assists with content delivery, live streaming and audience engagement, enriching the overall hospitality and entertainment experience.

Citizens Broadband Radio in Entertainment

In crowded venues like theaters, casinos, hotel ballrooms, stadiums or concert halls, CBRS empowers venues to manage crowd flow during events, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment, while also ensuring seamless and secure connection experiences on both gaming and casino floors and in casino back offices 24/7, taking the strain off DAS systems that can become overloaded.

Citizens Broadband Radio in Education

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) revolutionizes the connectivity and learning experiences in the education industry as well, creating both faster speeds and a larger coverage area of private LTE and 5G networks that span from classrooms to dorm rooms to on-campus stadiums and beyond. CBRS enables educational institutions to establish reliable private networks that are also used to protect student records, financial aid applications, student research and confidential data.

CBRS Network Solutions

Utilize the SVP CBRS OnGo Private LTE Solution

Building your own private LTE network to offer a new and secure “speedway” of wireless connectivity is critical for those looking for a larger coverage presence in an interference-free wireless spectrum for secure network performance.

The success of CBRS, though, depends on the establishment of a robust wireless infrastructure, including optimal placement of access points and meticulous frequency management on the correct MHz band. By tackling these challenges, CBRS can deliver on its promise of expanding broadband access and powering innovative applications across industries, while maintaining the integrity of wireless connections in an increasingly connected world.

SVP transforms wireless connectivity by partnering directly with venues to develop, install, own and operate customized in-building wireless systems. Our CBRS OnGo Private LTE solution is equipped to design, deploy and manage bespoke wireless systems for CBRS that are purpose-built for your facility’s unique requirements. We work to create a private LTE solution on CBRS radio frequencies from 3.5GHz to 3.7 GHz for both wireless carriers and building owners.

SVP can assist with both Priority Access Licenses (PALs) and General Authorized Access (GAA) users. SVP reviews the specific needs for a customer’s private LTE solution, customizing a connectivity solution and developing the architecture for funding, building, designing, managing, operating and maintaining your future private LTE solution.


CBRS OnGo: Creating a Unique Private LTE Solution


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