De-Risking your Healthcare Technology Investment

Driven by an unprecedented rate of technological innovation and adoption along with the corresponding surge of resulting data, wireless networks are facing an enormous pressure to keep up.  In some cases, before a facility can complete necessary network upgrades or deployments, the systems are already out of date.  Gone are the days where carriers could or would bear the burden of this cost. Demands have grown beyond what can be funded by providers. Carriers are unable to keep up with the financial and resource demands the installation, maintenance and upgrades of critical wireless communication systems entail.   

In an effort to meet the needs of their patients and provide the latest state of the art healthcare services, healthcare facilities are faced with the burden of enormously high capital expenditures, and in many cases they need to plan to make these investments every few years, as services and technologies evolve.  Traditionally, healthcare facilities have outsourced many of their recurring expenses.  Food, maintenance and even uniforms are outsourced in order to build and manage a predictable monthly operating budget and prevent large and sometimes unplanned expenses.  By applying the same logic to the upgrade or installation of new infrastructure, a new managed service model emerges. This is a compelling option which allows facilities to simultaneously convert a substantial capital expenditure with undetermined future costs to a regular, fixed operating expense. This new wireless infrastructure business model successfully addresses the burden of cost and creates opportunities for venues to reinvest equity, generating a positive return that can be applied back to the business.

In the In-Building Wireless Best Practices eBook recently published by CommScope, the authors pointed out, “Funding by wireless operators is an increasingly uncommon solution as operators focus dollars on marquee venues like pro sports stadiums and airports; for an enterprise, a one-operator solution often won’t meet connectivity needs.” 

SVP’s managed services solution converts what has traditionally been a high-priced capital expenditure with uncertain future costs and personnel allocation to a stable and highly visible operating expense, freeing up valuable financial and human capital, so that it can be deployed into essential parts of your business.


New and future technologies such as IoT, mobile telehealth, AI, and private LTE are changing the face of healthcare. The arrival of 5G and the introduction of wireless clinical applications are revolutionizing how healthcare is delivered. The pressure of these advancements on network infrastructure as well as the strain that the COVID-19 global pandemic has put on the healthcare industry as a whole have driven the immediate need for healthcare IT leaders to future-proof their facilities.  Along with an enhanced patient experience and analytics comes an enormous increase in the amount of data in the healthcare space and a need for future-proofed network infrastructure. 


Finding a partner to help with the life cycle management of your technology greatly reduces a myriad of risks.  A large capital investment in healthcare technology could prove to be a multi-million dollar liability for your business, not to mention a lengthy and involved undertaking.  In some instances, new facilities which take several years to build are facing technology that was outdated before the facility became operational, leading to millions of dollars of additional unplanned capital expenditures.  

“SVP is equipped to design, deploy and manage bespoke wireless systems for DAS, CBRS, Wi-Fi, Public Safety and IPTV that are purpose built for your facility’s requirements. SVP takes on the full responsibility of future technology upgrades during the life of contract regardless of the complexities of those advancements and upgrades. This means that your facility is not only maximized now, but is ready to grow into the future,” says Justin Marron, CEO of SVP.

SVP designs, builds, and finances DAS, Wireless LAN, Fiber, and Public Safety Systems providing wireless technology services as a managed service, while allowing customers to convert valuable CAPEX to OPEX.  Contracts offer great flexibility – if circumstances change or if the terms are not being met, the agreement can be terminated.  Additionally, the cost of upgrading and maintaining the system is managed 100% by SVP, meaning that your network is deployed with future-proofed technology and built-in system upgrades. These guarantees de-risk the process completely, and act as an incomparable insurance policy for your business.

SVP offers unmatched customer service along with ongoing consultation and education. As a trusted partner, SVP offers an overall technology solution, including design, integration, management, and capital investment for the installation and upgrades of mission-critical wireless infrastructure.

To learn more about how to turn your CAPEX into OPEX and de-risk your network infrastructure, reach out to SVP now.