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Seamless wireless networks are the backbone of unforgettable experiences in:

Convention Centers

Shopping Malls & Promenades

Entertainment Arenas

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Wireless Venue Coverage

Connect your guests with digital amenities

Entertainment venue operators face unique challenges in today’s world of live events & performances, exhibitor showcases, shopping experiences, and gaming adventures. With the demand of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), the rise of emerging technologies like augmented reality (AR) and increasing demand for enhanced visitor experiences, comprehensive wireless coverage is essential to staying competitive in our digital age.

Below are reasons why in-building wireless systems are so crucial for entertainment venue managers, owners and the foot traffic that venues such as shopping malls and convention centers welcome every day.

Create Meaningful Connections

Elevate the Visitor Experience

Immersive Entertainment

Facilitate seamless integration of AR and VR experiences, transforming conventional live event interactions for attendees, exhibitors and staff.

Adaptability & Scalability

Introduce networks that are designed to be scalable, accommodating new technologies and services in large convention and entertainment centers.

Convention Connectivity

Enhance your visitor experience with fast, reliable internet access that showcases performances, products and services like never before.

Produce Unmatched experiences

Revitalize Your Competitiveness

Seamless Wireless Coverage

Break through architectural barriers to provide consistent coverage and capacity for fans and visitors alike.

Increased Dwell Time

Entice visitors to spend more time in your venue exploring, shopping or engaging in wireless-enabled entertainment.

New Advertising Opportunities

Provide a digital platform for targeted advertising and sponsorships, generating additional revenue streams.

Generating Real Time Savings

Improve Internal Efficiency

Reduced Operating Costs

Automate tasks like temperature control and lighting, generating energy savings and lower expenses.

Inventory Management

Track inventory in real-time, ensuring popular items are always in stock and delighting consumers.

Data Analytics

Gather data on visitor foot-traffic, preferences and behavior, enabling data-driven improvements in operations or marketing.

Upgraded Venue Wireless Networks

SVP’s Wireless Solutions Can Empower Entertainment Venue Managers.

Bridge the gap

Bridging the gap between entertainment venue operators and carriers, expediting their journey to new or upgraded wireless networks.

Design, implement & maintain

Designing, implementing and maintaining bespoke wireless infrastructure that is reliable, fast and scalable.

Convert capital expenditures into operational

Free up valuable resources to be reinvested in ways that can boost revenue for malls and convention centers.

Strategic Venue Partners

How SVP Paves the Way for Next-Level Entertainment Experiences

The specialized requirements of the entertainment sector demand in-building wireless systems to meet the unique needs of visitors, tenants and venue operators alike. These systems enhance visitor engagement, enable new revenue-boosting opportunities and help reduce operating expenditures through the use of emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT).

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