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Hospitality Digital Solutions

Connect your guests with digital amenities

Modern guests are increasingly demanding seamless connectivity and a variety of digital amenities during their resort stays, within restaurants and while they are enjoying the gaming scene on casino floors. 

The issue? It’s challenging and expensive for the hospitality industry to keep up.

For many hospitality venues, outfitting their buildings with the cutting-edge, future-proof wireless infrastructure required to support their guests and staff involves exorbitant capital expenditures for solutions that can quickly become dated.

From trying to get the right carriers onsite, to coordinating with equipment manufacturers, service providers, integrators and other key stakeholders, the process is often too challenging, costly and time-consuming.

Below are reasons why in-building wireless systems are critical for hospitality venues looking to maintain their competitive edge.

Seamless Guest Connectivity

Improve the Hotel Resort Experience​

Enhanced Guest Experience

Provide seamless Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the entire resort premises.

Mobile Check-in and Keyless Entry

Allow guests to use their smartphones as room keys to streamline check-in efficiency.

Indoor Navigation

Implement indoor positioning systems, allowing guests to locate resort amenities.

Interactive Gaming Technology

Transform the Gaming and Casino Floor Experience

Peace of Mind Transactions

Support secure payment and transactions on casino floors.

Enhanced Guest Engagement

Use location-based promotions and personalized gaming recommendations for interactive guest experiences.

Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

Improve how your casino staff and patrons receive notifications on the gaming floor.

Digital Dining Transformed

Revolutionize the Restaurant Experience on Your Phone

Efficient Ordering and Payments

Support mobile ordering and payments on smartphones with enhanced Wi-Fi.

Streamlined Table side Service

Instantly transmit orders to the kitchen and locate guests on resort property for delivery.

Improved Marketing & Loyalty Programs

Improve your ability to gather data on customer preferences and behavior to personalize guest experiences.

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SVP’s Wireless Solutions Can Help Improve the Hospitality Sector.

Bridge the gap

Bridging the gap between entertainment venues and carriers, expediting their journey to new or upgraded wireless networks

Design, implement & maintain

Designing, implementing and maintaining bespoke wireless infrastructure that is reliable, fast and scalable.

Convert capital expenditures into operational

Free up valuable resources to be reinvested in ways that can boost revenue.

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How SVP Plays a Role in Transforming the Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, where guest satisfaction and employee connectivity is critical, the utilization of robust in-building wireless systems becomes essential alongside conventional Wi-Fi networks. Hospitality CIOs require dependable solutions that guarantee reliability, extensive coverage, security, and compliance, all while catering to the distinctive needs of both guests and staff.

SVP’s bespoke wireless infrastructure solutions emerge as a pivotal player in addressing the unique challenges within the hospitality sector. By delivering unwavering, secure, and scalable connectivity, SVP empowers CIOs in hospitality establishments to integrate digital innovations seamlessly. This enhances operational efficiencies and ensures superior experiences for guests and staff, aligning perfectly with the industry’s commitment to delivering exceptional service.

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