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We are moving to a world where wireless infrastructure will act just like electric and plumbing. Call it a fourth utility, or at least that is what Strategic Venue Partners is calling it. The firm, which recently named Justin Marron as its CEO, is supplying wireless infrastructure in high-end residential and commercial properties along with the service. The infrastructure will belong to the building, and the owner will pay a monthly fee for the service. If and when the building trades hands, the new owner will simply take over, just like any other utility.

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We are locking this in over a long-term period, so it just becomes an extra utility. “You don’t need to have a Wi-Fi carrier bill anymore,” Marron tells “We own the DNS and shared networks system. We say DNS, which refers to public safety, Wi-Fi and cellular carriers. We own the system and front all of the capital for
it. If the building owner sells the building, our system assigns to the new building owner. Of course, they can buy us out if they don’t want the service. It is truly a fourth utility. Think of it as DWP. You aren’t worried about DWP when you sell your building.”

Marron has a background in wireless businesses, as does the entire senior management team, and they are extremely enthusiastic about outfitting properties with what they believe are essential services today. “We have known each other for 20-plus years, and we have been in the wireless business for 20-plus years,” says Marron. “We really have a great senior management team, and we are really excited.”

Marron’s goal is to make the Internet and cell phone service into a true fourth utility in a building. To do that, he is creating a seamless experience for users throughout the property and even in the parking lot. “No matter what a person’s business is, they need to have they proper coverage, and they want it wireless because the world isn’t wireless anymore,” says Marron. “We are able to make that experience seamless from the parking lot to the building and up to the tenant’s office.”

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