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Secure and reliable wireless networks to improve patient care

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Healthcare Solutions

Maximize Operational Efficiencies

Healthcare CIOs face several challenges as they adapt to the changing landscape of patient care and medical technology.

The rise of mobile, telehealth and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, along with the introduction of 5G technology, is revolutionizing healthcare delivery – but these advancements come along with various obstacles that healthcare facilities must overcome to maximize operational efficiencies and enhance patient care.

Today’s hospitals require specialized in-building wireless systems for several crucial reasons, and can no longer rely solely on traditional Wi-Fi networks. Here’s a list of key reasons why in-building wireless systems are essential in today’s hospital environments

Healthcare Technology

Reimagine Healthcare

Patient Experience

Enhancing the patient experience by providing internet access and communication.

Integration with Medical Equipment

Facilitate seamless integration with groundbreaking medical devices and equipment.


Designed to be scalable, accommodating new technologies and services as they emerge.

Critical Healthcare Services

Guard the Safety of Staff/Patients

Priority Access for Critical Services

Prioritizing critical service communication for hospital staff and doctors.

Emergency Communications

Supporting critical communication for emergency alerts, codes and notifications.

Reliability and Redundancy

Offering redundancy and failover capabilities that traditional Wi-Fi alone cannot provide.

Breaking Connectivity Barriers

Ensure Seamless Connectivity Everywhere it’s Needed

Coverage and Capacity

In-building wireless systems are designed to break through hospital wall barriers.

Interference Mitigation

Supporting critical communication for emergency alerts, codes and notifications.

Minimizing Sensitive Equipment Disruption

Designed to minimize MRI machines and other sensitive equipment disruptions.

Customized Configurations

Comply with Regulations & Best Practices

Public Safety DAS systems consist of a network of antennas, signal boosters and amplifiers strategically placed throughout a building to amplify and extend radio signals from external public safety networks.

Security and Compliance

Designed with advanced security features and monitoring for compliance purposes.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Configured to prioritize and optimize the QoS for these critical applications.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Configured with encrypted security measures to protect sensitive information.

Wireless Solutions Can Help Healthcare Decision-Makers

Streamlining Critical Care

Bridging the gap

Bridging the gap between healthcare enterprises and carriers, enabling care providers to service their patients with the latest technological advancements utilizing robust wireless networks

Design, Implement & Maintain

Designing, implementing and maintaining bespoke wireless infrastructure that is reliable, fast and scalable

Convert Large Captial

Converting a large capital expenditure into an operational expenditure, freeing up valuable assets to be redistributed in ways that could make a difference in providing critical care and better serving their business growth

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How SVP Plays a Vital Role in Empowering the Healthcare Industry’s Digital Transformation

The specialized requirements and critical nature of healthcare services necessitate the use of in-building wireless systems, alongside traditional Wi-Fi networks, that healthcare CIOs can rely on. These systems ensure reliability, coverage, security and compliance, while also accommodating the unique needs of healthcare providers and patients.

SVP’s bespoke wireless infrastructure solutions play a crucial role in helping the healthcare industry overcome its challenges. By providing reliable, secure and scalable connectivity, SVP empowers healthcare facility CIOs to embrace digital transformations, enhance operational efficiencies and deliver better experiences for both staff and patients.

Healthcare Industry

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