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Real-Time Location Services (RTLS)


Automating the Latest in Hospital Efficiencies with Real-Time Location Services

Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) are critical in the healthcare industry, working to closely monitor everything from patients to staff to medical equipment through room-level locating.

From optimizing asset management to enhancing clinical and patient workflows, RTLS enables efficient operations and improved safety in the healthcare industry.

When using the right partner, RTLS is able to provide real-time location information for operational efficiencies that increase return on investments (ROIs) for hospitals and medical facilities.

By offering real-time insights and accurate location data, RTLS transforms healthcare delivery, streamlines healthcare processes and ultimately improves patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Do You Have a Real-Time Hospital Cost-Savings Solution?

SVP Experts Provide RTLS Hardware, Software and Ongoing Maintenance Solutions. RTLS transforms healthcare delivery, improves safety and increases ROIs.

What are Real-Time Location Services?

Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) is a technology that enables the accurate and continuous tracking of assets, people or objects in real-time within a defined area. Utilizing GEN-2 IR (Generation 2 Infrared), RTLS provides room-level location data that can be monitored and analyzed to:

Optimize hospital operational workflows

Utilizes technologies such as GPS and Wi-Fi to track in real-time.

Enhance safety measures throughout a hospital

Providing accurate and up-to-date location info for people and assets.

Improve overall efficiency while reducing costs

RTLS tags for patients and clinicians produce streamlined hospital efficiencies.


How Does Real-Time Location Services Work in the Healthcare Industry?

Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) locates assets, clinicians and patients by equipping them with RTLS tags, badges or wristbands. As a comprehensive healthcare industry solution, RTLS works to streamline efficiencies and deliver ROI almost immediately through the following use-cases:

Ignite Your RTLS System with SVP

SVP works to ignite the RTLS system, working to deploy a comprehensive solution that is hospital-wide. We have partnered with the top healthcare provider of RTLS software and hardware in the world, utilizing Generation II InfraRed technology that ensures your RTLS system works like clockwork anywhere in your hospital.

SVP offers a platform for hospitals to have comprehensive RTLS service capabilities with the ability to add applications and solutions to meet their adapting needs.

More Key Benefits

What Makes SVP Unique?

Our ability to offer you a comprehensive solution that includes a three-pronged approach: The hardware (design, deployment, commissioning), the software (including ongoing updates) and the ongoing maintenance and support, which includes replacing batteries to keep the system operational.

Overall, SVP ensures that accurate and timely location data is continuously transmitted and accessible, enhancing the overall effectiveness and value of the RTLS system.

Even better? SVP is your longterm managed service provider. We stay with you throughout your system’s lifecycle, delivering turnkey 24/7 management complete with upgrades, monitoring and ongoing maintenance 365 days a year – all to ensure your in-building RTLS wireless solution remains operational so you can deliver efficient outcomes and excellent patient experiences.

Real-Time Location Services

Creating a Unique Real-Time Locations System to Meet Your Needs