Modern-day schools and universities are transforming nearly as fast as the wireless world we live in today.

Smartboards have replaced chalkboards and whiteboards, and in some cases, computers have taken the place of physical classrooms thanks to the increasing popularity of distance learning and online higher education degree programs. For a variety of reasons, it behooves educational facilities nationwide to offer a connected campus to serve on-premise and remote learning configurations. 

SVP’s safe, secure and comprehensive wireless solutions foster educational opportunities for students and teachers by providing the tools necessary to access technology. We make it possible for students to complete assignments through online portals at school or off-site, and our scalable solutions enable on-site connectivity for wireless devices required to stay ahead in today’s environment.

SVP enables a stronger education experience by:
  • Providing on-site connectivity needed for libraries and classrooms to grant students and teachers instant access to information
  • Increasing opportunities for students and educators to collaborate with the use of online assignment portals and collaborative tools, both on and off campus
  • Converting a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure, freeing up valuable assets to be invested into essential parts of the business that matter when it comes to providing a memorable experience

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