Hospitals and healthcare facilities require wireless solutions to maximize operational efficiencies and improve patient care.

The continued proliferation of mobile, telehealth and IoT devices coupled with the growth of wireless clinical applications and the arrival of 5G are collectively revolutionizing how healthcare is delivered.
SVP’s proven comprehensive wireless solutions model helps healthcare venues operate more efficiently in a variety of ways. SVP’s reliable solutions foster modern connectivity with confidence in a network that’s stable, scalable and secure. We provide a number of connectivity tools that improve overall productivity and experiences for staff and the patients treated at the facilities. Our capital expenditure to operational expenditure benefits allow healthcare facilities to invest their valuable resources into personnel and methods that ultimately provide better care for those who turn to them for life-saving care and treatment.
SVP’s wireless solutions can help healthcare venues improve the patient experience by:
  • Enabling the use of telehealth visits, use of more IoT devices, IPTV, internet access and other connectivity tools
  • Designing, implementing and maintaining IT infrastructure that is reliable, fast and scalable
  • Converting a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure, freeing up valuable assets to be invested into essential parts of the business that matter when it comes to providing critical care

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