Hospitality venues require cutting-edge wireless infrastructure in order to provide best-in-class guest experiences to business and leisure travelers demanding services that support their mobile, digitally enabled lifestyles. The continued proliferation of 5G, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are changing the way we live our daily lives and conduct business, and today’s tech-savvy hotel guests require the same accommodations and wireless amenities when they’re away from home and the office.

SVP’s comprehensive wireless solutions affect the bottom line in a variety of tangible and intangible ways. Our technology gives hospitality venues the ability to personalize guest experiences throughout their entire experience, from pre-check in to post-check out, that make them feel welcome, which can encourage repeat business. Our capital expenditure to operational expenditure benefits convert what is typically an unpredictable expense to a viable profit center.

SVP enables hospitality venues to provide a more positive guest experience by:
  • Encouraging the use of offerings that allow guests to check in, access rooms, request services and interact with hotel staff with their mobile devices
  • Providing access to modern connectivity that is fast, reliable, scalable and secure
  • Converting a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure, freeing up valuable assets to be invested into essential parts of the business that matter when it comes to providing a memorable experience

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